Hello! I'm Michole my goal with every photo session is to provide an excellent and unforgettable experience ​,​ unique and quality photos that will last a lifetime! I'm excited to work with you in creating amazingly beautiful photos for you and your family!

Michole’ Micholiano’ Forks is a detail-oriented San Francisco-based portrait photographer with 12 years of experience skillfully and artistically capturing timeless moments to create meaningful keepsakes. Make a bold statement with your vision and his craftsmanship.



Sobre Mesa


CreateHER Stock

Umber Magazine 

Mandela Foods Co. 

You Had Me At Black 

Project Morry/Morry’s Camp 

YMCA Urban Services 


Cali Summer Club



Dark Magazine

Umber Magazine 

Race, Poverty, and the Environment

The Guardsman

VSCO Melanin Collection 

VSCO Selects Collection 

VSCO Prose & Poetry Selected affirmations by Alex Elle

SLAM Magazine 

Street Spirit



“He is the best photographer ive known. He is so talented and fun. We had family photoshoot with 2 babies and he was fun, singing for my toddler. It was nice experience. I would hughly recommend. Its difficult to find photographer you like. Im so happy i found him.”

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