Two Souls, one heart

Time to start planning out your first session! Engagements are great for getting to see my approach to photography firsthand and also just having a great time and capturing some fun and love before your wedding day. But I’m sure, since this is your first session, you’re trying to figure out the best way to plan everything. Well here are a couple of tips to help you out!

What is an Engagement Session?

To me, an engagement session should reflect the uniqueness of each couple and be more than just a way to get save-the-date photos. Rather than just taking pictures at a pretty location, a lifestyle session attempts to capture and document real-life events, such as an activity you both enjoy or even a typical day in your lives. You can use props (like a violin if you’re a violinist, hiking boots if you love trekking along park trails or a bottle of vino if you’re both wine connoisseurs) and plan around a theme that you can design with your photographer or have styled by your wedding planner.  I love to plan sessions with the couples I work with around activities or interests they really love.

What To Wear For An Engagement Photo Shoot?

The first tip that I always tell my couples is that I want you to be comfortable. That’s the number one thing to consider even as you go through the remainder of these tips. We’re not saying you should wear your sweatpants but we want you to feel like yourselves. The more you feel like yourselves, the more you will like how you look in the photos. This might mean you dress up or are fairly casual or a little of both.

Now, something that will help with how comfortable you look is choices. Many couples buy new clothes for their engagement shoots. You definitely don’t have to do that. I think that it can kind of be a fun part of the planning, assuming you like shopping. However, sometimes if you haven’t worn something you won’t know if you like how you look in it. That’s why I generally recommend at least two outfits. I also recommend one more casual outfit and one more dressy, this give you variety in your artwork when you end up hanging photos in your house or using them for wedding details


We've put together a list of common questions we get asked about engagement photo shoots. 

Q: What should I do with my hands?

A: One big suggestion I always give couples is to be connected with each other at all times. When it comes to your hands, holding each other is always a great starting point. In some poses, I might ask you to put your hands up to the other persons face, or around them in a different way. Sometimes, you'll even just be holding hands. In all cases, keeping connected is the rule to live by. 

Should we include signs and/or props in our shoot?

A: In my opinion, if these are things you'd like to include - bring them along! I would suggest to not get too carried away as these things can sometimes distract from your connection with one another, but having an engagement sign or something can be cute for a couple of pics. 

Can we include our dog/cat/child/etc. in some photos? 

A: Absolutely! Keep in mind, some photographers may not allow these things as it starts to shift the session from being just engagement photos to more of a family photo arrangement. For us, we don't mind at all. 

Where should we have our engagement photos taken?

A: If you're not sure where to go for your photos, ask your photographer for some suggestions to get started. If you can narrow down a specific vibe or mood you'd like, that can really help to find the perfect location. Another way to approach choosing a location is thinking about some places that are meaningful to you, or activities you like doing together. For example, some couples like having their sessions right at home - and we can capture awesome pictures of them just hanging out together. Other couples are big fans of the outdoors and hiking, so going to a new trail for some pics in the woods is an awesome match for them. The sky is the limit! 

What time of year is best for engagement pictures?

A: Every season offers something different - it really comes down to personal preference. In the Bay Area the Spring and Fall months tend to be particularly popular thanks to the blooming flowers and changing foliage. 

This is a time for us to capture fun photos together. While you might be worried about making sure you wear the right things or are a little nervous about posing, don’t worry. This is going to be a fun session and we’re going to have a great time!